Since the first building blocks in the initial planning phase to create an integrated Centre for services, act as a unified platform for governmental services, taking into account the uniqueness and the nature of each service separately, and the necessary requirements and challenges of each one, defined by the measurable quality standards (happiness index) which can be used to monitor the level of governmental services.

Our launch as a (happiness center) has coincided with the strategic goal adopted by the UAE government sector, which has been termed as a concept of audience-pleasing services. And then generated the need to set key performance indicators at both the administrative level or on the technical aspects related to the details of the performance of this service in an integrated manner. ex: the speed of delivery of service, accuracy and skill of the human staff in addition to using the latest technology in order to facilitate this process.

Thus, this how was our beginning … which depended on the in-depth study and full understanding of these challenges and ambitions to provide new horizons for services that just not only seek to satisfy customers … but to make them happy in the long run, to create a partnership with our customers that been their experience (the customer experience), in framework beyond the barriers to come together in the automated system, which plays its role in creating a distinct environment in the provision of services in our beloved Emirates. Yes, our center was not just a label. It has become a strategic objective that defines a framework that drives operational plans and sets standards that simulate the future and what the community is looking for in line with the directions of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization from the first stages of establishing and developing to reach the seven-star service aimed at through our centers.


Timing: SAT-THU | 08:00 AM-8:00 PM

Location: Second Floor

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