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Threads -The Home of Refined Education Apparel & Distribution System- is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Threads Holdings Ltd.

Threads Holdings through its subsidiary, has over 22 years of experience, supplying uniforms to the education, aviation, healthcare and hospitality sectors, spread out across Europe, North America, Africa and Australia.

Threads (UAE), was set up in 2010, to cater specifically to educational institutions in the Middle East. Using in-house designers based in Dubai and UK and buying offices spread out across key global sourcing locations, Threads keeps all its ‘young ambassadors’ up to date with the latest in trends while supplying functional and competitively priced products.

With offices in European Business Centre – Dubai Investment Park 1- Dubai and warehousing facilities in TEXMAS Dubai, Threads uses 33,000 sq. feet of warehousing and 20,000 sq. feet of retail space spread out over 15 managed and 7 independent locations, to service it's 150,000+ contracted customers in and around UAE.

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